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What will you treat yourself to?

I am a fully trained Usui and angelic reiki master. Grand master (level 18) crystal reiki practitioner. (Crystal therapy. Chakra rebalancing) I am also trained in many other modalities of reiki eg Seichem reiki, Goddess reiki.

Reiki Treatments £
Reiki is a loving intelligent natural system of healing energy that can be used for improving health, reducing stress and aiding relaxation. 1 hour treatment.
Reiki Training
I provide one to one Reiki training for: Level One/Two Reiki Master/Teacher and Grandmaster up to Level 18 and Angelic Reiki.
I have also undertaken further training to a Grand Reiki Master (level 18) and in other modalities of reiki for my own personal development. I am also qualified to spiritually cleanse and bless properties, although I do not offer this as a service.
Reiki - Distance Healing
Sending Reiki to you, another person or animal. Please call me to talk about your requirements.
Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical care. It is a complimentary therapy using crystal vibrations to help the body in balancing its energies through Chakra points to assist your body's own ability to heal.

Crystals have been formed in the earth over millions of years by the action of water, wind and volcanic fire. It is believed that they carry the life force and healing powers from earth and sky. Their healing properties have been recorded for more than 3500 years, notably by the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Indian cultures.

Each crystal vibrates at a different frequency, as do parts of our body, so I will chose the right crystal for healing, with the right frequency of vibration for that part of the body.

Crystal therapy can create physical sensations, visualisation of colours and images, feelings of emotion and most often deep relaxation as energy blockages are cleared.

This complementary therapy can help to:
* Re-align and Balance your Body's own natural Energies
* Shift Energy Blockages
* Calm or Energise
* De-stress the Body and Mind
* Induce deep states of Calmness & Relaxation
* Release Suppressed Emotions
through the cleansing and energising of the major chakra points in your body.

How does it work?
Setting the intention of healing and being healed is necessary.
Crystal Energy Healing is the use of crystals placed on or around the body to help alleviate imbalances in our energy centres or 'Chakras'. The crystals send their vibrations through parts of the body, assisting your body with its natural healing processes.

Practitioners are trained to use crystals and combinations of crystals to help treat various conditions.

The therapist identifies which Chakra points are blocked or unbalanced, then crystals and layouts are chosen to calm or energise as required. Each crystal has its own frequency which is determined by its shape, colour, structure and mineral components. Once on your body, it receives this frequency of vibration from the crystal and can use it for healing vibrational imbalance in the body.

Crystals are often underestimated and can be very powerful so should be used with knowledge and care. It is therefore strongly recommended to use certified practitioners. Do not allow an unqualified person anywhere near your chakras without substantial, specialised training in energy work or crystal healing. Even a basic awareness of chakras, healing crystals, their properties, basic cleansing and charging is necessary for self use.

Crystal Selection:
Your Crystal Therapist will select the crystals appropriate for you, based on their colour and their properties. For example, when treating migraines a purple crystal such as Amethyst may be chosen to correspond with the crown chakra and the strength of healing required.

Crystal Care:
Crystals need to be cleansed to clear away any negative energies or psychic debris that may have been picked up. Crystals may also be energised and charged with the energy and purpose you want them to hold. This is always 'for the highest good of all concerned' and a positive healing intention.

Therapy Session Format:
An initial discussion is carried out and medical history taken. It is necessary to assess the clients priority areas for healing and determine any contraindications. In some cases GP approval is required for a client to attend crystal therapy. Reiki is not a substitute for medical care- you should also see your GP if you have an illness.

The client lies down fully dressed, relaxed with eyes closed, whilst crystals are laid on or around the body. Several layouts may be done in one session. The therapist identifies which Chakra points are blocked or unbalanced, then selects layouts and crystals appropriate for those areas. Relaxing music and calming essential oils create a peaceful and enjoyable experience for you at Home Farm.