Colonic Hydrotherapy for Northamptonshire

Home Farm Holistic Therapies based at the prestigious premises of an 1840's farm house in the village of Bugbrooke - near Northampton - specialises in Colonic Hydrotherapy. With private parking it's really easy to get to Home Farm from most Midlands locations.

My treatment room is located in a converted barn with oodles of character and wooden beams.

During your Colonic Hydrotherapy session I shall use gentle, filtered, temperature controlled water for inner cleansing of your colon, to essentially "clean the pipes". Here I shall take you through what you can do before, during and after your session to get the very best from your Colonic Hydrotherapy with me.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments

Treatment £
Colonic Hyrdotherapy Treatment
One Session
Colonic Hyrdotherapy Treatment
Two Sessions
Enemas (coffee, wheat grass, anti parasite, anti spasmodic (for IBS). Given in conjunction with a Colonic session £20

It is advisable to prepare the day before your session by drinking a few liters of water throughout the day (tip: try to do this every day) to ensure you're well-hydrated for your session with me. Eat healthy and nourishing foods the day before and on the day of your colonic hydrotherapy session. Eating a meal, two to four hours before your colonic session is ideal, but no food or beverage should be consumed in the two hours just before your appointment with me.

Your colonic hydrotherapy session will last up to 45 minutes and a total of two to six litres of filtered water is used to gently flush your colon. Through this and my gentle abdominal massage old deposit of mucoid fecal matter (waste mixed with hardened old mucus) are loosened and subsequently flushed out by the water.

After your session, I recommend you take probiotics. During a colonic some of the good and bacteria, along with the bad, may be eliminated from your colon. The probiotics will repopulate your system with the good bacteria you need. It is advisable to hydrate further by sipping water and maybe bring a piece of fruit to eat, in case you feel your energy levels are low. I advise you eat a very light meal with pure and easy to digest foods for the remainder of the day. Try to stay away from raw, overly rich or heavy foods. You have just cleansed your system and I suggest you allow your body the time it needs to rest and relax, so it can go to work to heal you, rather than go to work digesting rich meals. Other excellent post-treatment dietary options include fresh veggie juice, steamed vegetables, a non-cream-based soup, light fish and soft whole grains. Please try to stay away from alcohol; it will go directly to your head and may cause a stomachache because it is just too strong for your freshly cleansed system. It is fine to carry on with your normal daily plans or to return to work, as you will feel fine. Most people feel energetic, light and in a very positive mood after a cleansing. One good choice, like internal cleansing, often leads to another, so if you have the day to yourself, go for a long walk or do yoga. Make it a day of bettering yourself.