My Story

Hello, my name is Lisa - everyone calls me Lisa Holistics.

I am a Colonic Hydrotherapist and as a Holistic Therapist I also offer some beauty treatments. My main passion is Colonic Hydrotherapy and I am a member of the professional Colonic body RICTAT. I chose RICTAT because it's the most proactive organisation, offering and running its own training courses for continued professional development.
After leaving University with BA (Hons) & Master degrees in my early 20s, I lectured at an FE college in Psychology, Sociology and Business Studies. My psychology background has proved invaluable when undertaking further training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. After much stress, unfulfilment and spending way too long on the treadmill of corporate life, I decided to follow my real passions and change career direction. I studied nutrition and I gradually retrained in Holistic Therapies. Colonic Hydrotherapy isnt everybodies dream career, but after personal health issues and suffering from IBS, I found that regular colonics has helped me feel better, so I already know how much difference it can make to your health and wellbeing. Ive trained in several places in the UK for Colonic Hydrotherapy as well as undertaking further, specialised training in enemas and implants. I have used many colonic systems and machines, which ultimately led me make a significant investment in a pressure machine. Due to my multi-disciplinary background, I can offer a bespoke holistic approach to your health. So for example, if you wished to book an IBS Relaxation Hypnotherapy session prior to your colonic or maybe combine a food intolerance test with your colonic session I can do this, as I am a partner with Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, so I am able to take blood samples for in-house testing (you will receive your results the same day). I also offer lab tests eg coeliac screening and stool testing.

I am also trained in the Hava Detox Programme by the author and personal friend, Kelly Hopley. For other potential holistic combinations, you could chose Massage or Reiki (I am an Usui and Angelic Reiki Master) or a relaxing treatment like a Japanese Facial Massage, please see the range of therapies that are offered here at Home Farm and either email me or call/text me for an appointment.

About Home Farm

My regular clients tell me that they feel Home Farm is a truly unique place, where they can momentarily forget the stresses and strains of their busy lives. They also say that Home Farm fits the description of a luxurious retreat rather than a clinical service. The ambiance, delicate aromatherapy fragrances and relaxing music makes it an oasis for relaxation. Once you've tried one treatment, you will be back to try more - whether it's a reiki session, a hot stone massage or a facial. Work/life balance is important to me and I enjoy taking time out during the working day for "me time" - for yoga, walking the dogs, tending the Home Farm Beehives (in the summer months a small supply of local honey is available to my clients only to purchase). This means I can offer flexible appointment times to my clients. I offer day time, evening and weekend appointments.

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